Leonid Trotsky

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Leonid Trotsky
Position: Premier of the Loslakian Empire
Term of Office: March 7th, 2007-March 6th, 2010
Predecessor: None
Successor: Unknown
Date of Birth 21/12/1943
Place of Birth: Gori - Maslennikov
Medals: Medal For Valour, Medal for Combat Service, Partisan Medal (1st Class), Partisan Medal (2nd Class) , Ushakov Medal, Distinguished Military Service (1st Class) and Veteran Of The Loslakian Armed Forces, The Wulgerian Union Medal of Friendhip
Political Party: Communist

[edit] (History)

General Trotsky is the most decorated soldier in all of the Loslakian Empire. He has served in almost every modern war that the Loslakian people have been burdened with. He was born in the ancestral home of Loslakia, current under Latagonian occupation 'Fallathon'. He has made it clear in his policies that he desires the reunifcation of all Loslakian peoples.

[edit] (Political Career)

Having only come to power recently, the General is relatively new to Politics, having spent the majoirty of his life on daring campaigns serving the empire. He has retired from the front line, after an impressive 40 years in the military. He has however served Loslakia in the Dume (Loslakian Parliament) for over 20 years. He became leader of the Loslakian Communist Party (LCP) 5 years ago were he defeated the long standing premier of Loslakia Nikita Brezhnev. This is often regarded as his first step to power.

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